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“25StayAlive is a global movement which educates and inspires younger people to be proactive with their health. 25 is the new 50. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Know your body, know yourself, it might just save your life.”


Why 25?

‘25’ symbolises a young adult, and encompasses the younger demographic.


That being said, our vision is that when you turn 25, you are sent a complete blood count (CBC) in the mail. No different to when you turn 50 and you receive a complimentary bowel cancer screening kit. Not only would a CBC evaluate overall health and detect a wide range of medical issues, but it would also encourage a typical 25 year old to be proactive with their health. We shouldn’t “fear” going to the doctor. 


25 is the new 50.

Similarly, the 25StayAlive Podcast was created to give other inspirational people a platform to share their stories. Hugo & Dahlia have both experienced the devastating effects of cancer. By sharing their own experiences, they hope to educate and inspire others from all walks of life. Life is precious, don't take it for granted.

Life is precious, don’t take it for granted. 

Hugo's Story

"Having faced two different types of cancer, spent countless hours in hospitals, had 6 major operations (including having my testicle, all my abdominal lymph nodes and my colon removed), had 4 months of chemotherapy and also struggled at times mentally - I understand how important our health is... and how quickly it can change.

I want to change the stigma among young men that it is OK to speak up if you are struggling, and it is OK to go see a Doctor and get checked."

— Captain Hugo Toovey, Founder 25 Stay Alive

Meet The Team


Hugo Toovey


Hugo Toovey is the founder of 25StayAlive and a 27-year-old Captain in the Australian Army. In 2013, Hugo’s life drastically changed when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. As well as fighting (and beating) testicular cancer, Hugo was also diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2018. If it wasn’t for early detection, Hugo’s chance of survival would have been very different.

Hugo has a very positive outlook on life and is committed in helping others in whatever way he can. Hugo wants to raise awareness to others that they are not invincible in their 20s and 30s, and a simple check up at the Doctor’s may just save their life. 

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izzy smith

Podcast Co-Host

Izzy Smith is a medical doctor, Movember ambassador, and exercise enthusiast with a passion for normalising discussions around mental health. As a result of losing her Dad to cancer, Izzy believes we need to shift cultural attitudes that support people, and is an advocate for men being proactive with their health. Izzy has an engaging social media presence and continually educates and inspires people to look after their own wellbeing.


Izzy is also the co-host of the brand new podcast series, BEHIND THE UNIFORM. 

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Nick lee


Nick Lee is an ambassador and advocate for 25StayAlive. He established the Jodi Lee Foundation in honour of Jodi Lee, who lost her battle with bowel cancer at age 41. Since 2010 the Jodi Lee Foundation has been on a mission to empower people to take active steps to prevent bowel cancer, act quickly on symptoms and live healthy lives.

They are the leading voice for bowel cancer prevention. 

Click here to learn more about the Jodi Lee Foundation. 

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Dahlia Matkovic



Dahlia was just 27 years old and the healthiest she had ever been when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  Dahlia is on a mission to connect with fellow young bowel cancer patients around the world with ‘Chemo Themeo’ documenting her chemotherapy treatments, dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, Evil Chem-Evil, a lifesaver and more to help bring good humour and smiles whilst undergoing treatment. She regularly shows her ileostomy bag on Instagram to educate, break the stigma and normalise her life.


Dahlia says that she wants to encourage people, no matter their age, that if there is something not quite right to seek medical help.

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Jo Lukins 

Resident Psychologist

Dr Joann Lukins is 25StayAlive's healthcare professional who regularly offers advice to the 25StayAlive community. Jo spends her day inside the heads of individuals, teams and organisations – seeking to understand what makes them tick and assisting them to reach their potential. A psychological Indiana Jones, she describes it as a truly fascinating career that she is grateful for every day.  

Read more about Jo here. 

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Creative Advisor

Milly Toovey is 25StayAlive's creative officer and is helping her brother's vision come to life by creating a strong, simple and powerful brand. Milly is inspired by people with big dreams that improve lives all over the world and is so passionate about making 25StayAlive a global movement. 

MILCO Design is her side-hustle at night, and during the day, she's known as the Marketing Magician at South Australia's leading disability care provider, SACARE

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